Effects of Fire on the Preserve

By Kara Barron, 2016-17 McDowell Sonoran Conservancy biodiversity fellow The immediate aftermath of a fire produces obvious evidence. Vegetation is scorched or dead, and animals have fled to safer places. It takes time for the land to return to its pre-fire state, and the key to the area’s ability to do this lies hidden in

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Mountain Lines – Spring 2018

Our Spring 2018 Mountain Lines magazine of the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy, is available now. Check out our web edition to learn about Let’s Ride the Preserve Backcountry, Dixie Mine, a Return to Natural, An Update on Scottsdale’s Preserve Trailheads, Ecology, Explorers Partnership: Enhancing Science Education, The Tiniest Owl, Great Hikes in the Preserve: Marcus Landslide,

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