Where possible we will be adhering to social distancing.

Bird Walk

Tom’s Thumb Trailhead 23015 N. 128th Street, Scottsdale

Bird Walk from Tom’s Thumb Trailhead: Join Kathe Anderson and Rick Pearce for about 2 hours to see some of our cool weather resident birds such as phainopepla, white-crowned sparrow, black-throated sparrow, Brewer's sparrow, and ruby-crowned kinglet, in addition to year-round birds such as thrashers, wrens, verdins, gnatcatchers, and towhees.  Restrooms available at the trailhead.

Sonoran Sundays: Just Roughin It

Gateway Trailhead 18333 N. Thompson Peak Pkwy., Scottsdale

New to hiking? Want to get in shape in the New Year? Come meet Ray and Debbie Hendricks, lifelong hiking guides and owners of Just Roughin’ It Adventure Company. The Hendricks will cover the basics of hiking, including desert hiking techniques and essential equipment. They’ll also provide a guide to some easy beginner trails in