We partner with scientists and actively involve volunteers in research as citizen scientists. We use research results to build best practices for long-term resource management and detect change in plant and animal communities, provide educational opportunities for every age and contribute to the broader scientific knowledge of natural areas.

Our Work Focuses On Two Main Priorities

Improving best management practices in ecological restoration and control of invasive non-native plant species for the Sonoran Desert and other arid lands.

Assessing the impact of urban stressors and climate change on the McDowell Sonoran Preserve and the broader region.

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Citizen Science and Research Program

Our Citizen Science Program supports the Field Institute research scientists by training volunteers of all backgrounds to participate in and lead research projects that help us address our research priorities.

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Arid Lands Research Symposium

The Parsons Field Institute hosts a biennial Arid Lands Research Symposium. This event brings together researchers, land managers, students, community leaders and stakeholders to share practical implications from regional natural resource research and novel ideas for implementing monitoring, research and management.

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Regional and International Partnerships

We work with regional and international partners to research and implement solutions to arid land management and conservation.

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Our citizen science model is unique – we partner with scientists and actively involve volunteers in research from project development through publication. Explore this page to learn about our research projects and findings.

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How to Get Involved

To become a steward, you must complete and submit two applications and an orientation. To make sure the experience is not overwhelming, mentors and program representatives provide a support system. The process of becoming a full-fledged steward is upbeat and uplifting. You will feel that you’ve joined a great organization serving a great cause, and you will be on your way to working with others like you.

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