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Demonstrating Leadership in Regional Open Space Planning

The Parsons Field Institute is working with the Central Arizona Conservation Alliance (CAZCA) to spearhead a Regional Open Space Conservation Strategy. Parsons Field Institute Director Helen Rowe and Master Steward Dan Gruber are both members of the CAZCA Steering Committee, whose main task is moving forward this strategy.

Managing Native Grasses to Reduce Fire Risk and Preserve Lands

Many non-native grasses displace native species and increase the risk of wildfire. This threat is particularly grave in the Sonoran Desert because our plant communities are not fire adapted. We address these concerns through study, removal, and monitoring with our partner organizations.

Experimenting for Ecological Restoration Techniques

Due to historic uses, such as grazing and all terrain vehicles, many Sonoran Desert sites need restoration. We are testing different seeding and transplanting techniques to evaluate best practices.

Research Partners

Our research partners work with us on individual research and monitoring projects to develop experimental design, guide the methods and help with data analysis and final documentation. Research partners also help guide the work of citizen scientists to produce robust and reliable results.

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