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Lecture – The Full Story of Pueblo Grande (or at Least a Few Chapters)

The Hohokam are a remarkable civilization that inhabited the Valley of the Sun for over a 1,000 years. Known as the master farmers of the desert, they built an extensive canal system throughout the Salt, Gila and Rio Verde valleys. Pueblo Grande is one of the last remaining precontact Hohokam villages with an intact platform mound – or va’aki – in Arizona’s lower Salt River valley. Its importance to descendant Tribal communities is recognized today, and Pueblo Grande continues to yield a wealth of information regarding the past and its connection to the present. The continued challenge to preserve, research, and interpret pieces of this important place in the face of a changing urban landscape has required creativity, collaboration, and devotion on the part of a diverse group of volunteers and professionals. This presentation will combine a brief history of the archaeology of Pueblo Grande, its role in the surrounding irrigation community archaeologists call Canal System 2, and its value as a resource for continued preservation archaeology.

Location: This lecture is virtual only. Please join via the Zoom link below.

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