We’ve hit a major milestone. To commemorate 30 years of service, we’re highlighting our organization’s greatest milestones and treasured memories during each month of 2021, charting our decades-long journey to emerge as a conservation leader in Arizona and beyond.

March: Inspiring the Next Generation of Scientists

In March 2016, we hosted our inaugural Junior Citizen Science Festival. At this Festival, which focused on Valley Title I schools, students got to be scientists for a day. They engaged in interactive trailside stations learning about everything from archaeology to geology and desert animals. For many students, this inspiring event is a first introduction to rewarding careers in the STEM field.

With live events canceled in 2021, we’ve created Expedition Days Online, an interactive virtual experience to deliver the same inquiry-based education offered at our Junior Citizen Science Festival. A digital format also improves accessibility for students across the state.

(Photo: 2016 Junior Citizen Science Festival)